Spaghetti Squash

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So usually I’m more of an anti-squash guy, but Jeni made this spaghetti squash tonight, and it’s actually pretty awesome. It tastes just like spaghetti, but a slight bit sweeter- we ate it with pasta sauce and also pesto. Good with both. Basic preparation steps: Buy squash for about a dollar. Microwave one minute. Bake in oven at maybe 400 degrees for maybe 15 minutes, cutting in half length-wise once soft enough. Scoop out pulp, discard. Fork out spaghetti, serve!

2 thoughts on “Spaghetti Squash

  1. lb

    you can actually cook it entirely in the microwave in about 8 minutes. i think you put a little water in it, and then cover it with saran wrap and nuke it for 8 min. yum.

  2. Cat

    I had this a few years ago and really enjoyed it. Thanks for posting about it…reminded me of how good it tasted so I can add it to my shopping list!

    I ate it the same way, basically, added pasta sauce and even tried it with Alfredo sauce once. It is one of those vegetables that my mother never cooked so I never tried it until I got older.


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