Lawn Mowers

I bought a new lawn mower this weekend, as the grass was getting a little out of hand and I apparently did not start craigslisting nearly early enough to get a deal.  I settled on a pretty basic gas push mower that does mulching and rear bagging.  At the time I thought I got a fairly reasonable deal, since self-propelled mowers were significantly more expensive.

But then I came to work this morning, and found out that for only $70 more (disregard the price in this photo: I did not pay $250), Jon got a magic lawn mower that he definitely doesn’t have to push himself:

Elf-Propelled Lawn Mower

Elf-Propelled Lawn Mower

3 thoughts on “Lawn Mowers

  1. Jon E

    Woah, you own a lawnmower now? That’s a big step in home ownership! Next you might have to buy a house!

    Also isn’t mowing the lawn something your landlord is supposed to do?


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