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Who does this?

I was going to grab a can of orange juice from the refrigerator at work this week, when I found the can below on the shelf. You’ll notice that someone seems to have tried opening it, but ripped the little opener off the can while it was only partially opened. So instead of taking care of their own mess, they put it back in the fridge. On its side and leaking.

Could we please take a little responsibility for ourselves? I know we’re a bunch of socially inept nerds, but this does not make us helpless children.


Very funny, United

There are two flights leaving Madison for Chicago around 7pm tonight. Mine on American Eagle at 7:00, and another slightly later on United Express at 7:21.

The time is 6:59 and we are still sitting at the gate with no plane in sight. The gate agent for the other flight comes on the PA system and says, “This is the final boarding call for United Express 6716 to Chicago. The doors will be closing in 1 minute for another on-time departure brought to you by United Express.


Halloween Castle

They decorated the American Airlines castle at Seattle’s gate A9 with some ghosts for Halloween. A little cheesy but I needed something to post for the start of my trip. I’m flying through the haunted castle!!! 🙂

Who says timezones can't be fun?

I’ve had to get involved with timezones and daylight savings time rules at work recently, while another coworker who usually handles them was out on vacation. It’s a really interesting thing to work on given how most people take it entirely for granted that their computer “knows what time it is.” Take my word for it, a lot of work goes into that particular piece of magic, and it’s very detail-oriented work because you really don’t want to get that wrong.

Anyway, as detail-oriented as it may be, timezones can also be quite interesting. I enjoyed this article about some of the historical anecdotes around timezones.