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Bringing MARQUEE Back

In honor of friends buried under torrential snowfall in Madison, WI, I bring you the following Web 1.0 HTML gimmick goodness, handcrafted over post-lunch coffee:


And to the XHTML validator: why don’t you go pick on some other, standards-compliant site?

Thanksgiving travels 2009

Couple pictures to share from the plane rides:

Flying out of Seattle shortly after sunrise, I looked down and saw this crazy pattern in the trees, where someone had very carefully harvested every other square up and down the sides of these foothills. No idea why they do logging like that, but from the air, it looks like a chessboard:

Chessboard of the Giants
Chess Forest

On the return trip, we left Green Bay just before sunrise on a very overcast day. The clouds with the pre-dawn colors on them looked just like a sea, complete with waves:

Cloud Sea
Cloud Sea

Later, the clouds broke as we flew over Milwaukee, WI, and we got a pretty awesome view of the city lights from not too far above the ground:

MKE at dawn
MKE at dawn

Is this airport comedy?

The sign in the Seattle-Tacoma airport concourse says:

Why must I show my ID?
Identity is important. We need to make sure that the name on your ID matches your boarding pass.

Dear Sea-Tac:
Your sign merely restates what you’re doing. It does not provide any further insight into your question at all, much less provide an answer.
A Traveler With a Brain