Layer Cake

My roommate and I watched that movie tonight. Pretty crazy.

I was only 45 minutes later than usual to work today, but ended up staying almost 2 hours extra. It was pretty cool, I actually felt like I got some real work done, from submitting the last of my contribution to the project I’d been working on for the first two weeks to starting my debugging with a pretty interesting/intense hour-and-a-half long hands-on tutorial.

Then to top off a night that went considerably better than the end of last, we have a racquetball court in our apartment complex’s office! Plus, my roommate has all the requisite gear, when you add in my safety glasses. That should make for a pretty fun summer. He’s a little bit better than I am, but not by so much that its unbalanced or not fun. It’s pretty awesome.

In other news, I now also have a wlan card for my desktop, so I can finally get this thing back on the internet. All around a good night. Definitely beats spending 3 hours trying to get home because you were too stupid to get back on the right bus and too trusting of the idiot that told you these other buses would be fine.