What's a five-letter word for "exhausted"?


It’s 2:38 am. I just got home from a concert. The story in brief:

Eric and I went to a Counting Crows / Goo Goo Dolls concert in Auburn tonight. He had had two tickets to the show and two tickets for a shuttle from the Azteca in Bellevue & back.

We went to the Azteca, got on the shuttle, and set off.

Thanks to traffic, we arrived 40 minutes after the show started.

Thanks to the opening act, we didn’t miss either band.

Fast-forward through a pretty good concert. (sorry, it’s late, I don’t have time to describe more than that)

Colin & Eric exit the amphitheater, and follow the sign marked “Shuttles/Taxis”

We arrive at a huge lineup of buses, thinking we may be in the wrong place, since we need one particular bus back to Bellevue.

We ask the guy doing crowd control if these buses take us to the shuttles.

He says “Yes.”

We get on the bus. 15 minutes later we’re at the Supermall in Auburn, WA, with no bus in sight.

The bus driver lady starts to take us back up to see if our shuttle might still be there, but she is radioed that a) the shuttle is gone, and b) she has to take us back to the Supermall.

We call my roommate (who’s a saint, btw) at about 12:25am and beg for help. He drives down to Auburn to pick us up, getting there at about 1am, and saving us probably $100+ in taxi fares.

Two side notes:
1) My cellphone battery had just died on the shuttle going out to the amphitheater from Bellevue, so I couldn’t do much calling. I never realized how inconvenient that is.
2) You cannot place an order at the Wendy’s so-called “pick up window open late” unless you are in a car. This has been observed experimentally.

We get back to the Azteca around 1:30.

I drive Eric home, and then myself. And now it’s 2:45.

What the adventure.

Good night.