Bon Appetit

After struggling with very confusingly-worded & vaguely-defined pipelining homework questions most of the day (in between bouts of internet surfing, router ordering, and sleeping), I felt I needed to do something out of the ordinary to get my thoughts straightened out and myself re-motivated to study this weekend. So, I broke out Mom’s recipe cards & started cooking. About an hour later, here is what came out:

And it was good, against all odds.

In other news:

  • I bought some new toys this weekend, like the aforementioned Buffalo WHR-G54S. I also bought a nice Digital Multimeter: Fluke 179, some TL81A electronics test leads (probably overkill, but handy nonetheless), and a temperature-controlled soldering station: Weller WES51.
  • I have three midterms this week: Monday- CS 540 (Artificial Intelligence), Tuesday- CS 552 (Intro. Computer Architecture), Wednesday- CS 537 (Operating Systems).
  • Combining the two items above means its a good thing UPS takes until at least Wednesday to deliver packages!
  • Now, Jeni & I are going to get some coffee with Josh, and then going to Marie Antoinette

2 thoughts on “Bon Appetit

  1. kate.

    don’t leave me hanging, colin…what did you make? from what i can make it out it looks like some pasta-broccoli-crouton-whitesaucey-likelywithchicken bake. but what is it really?


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