Must be Halloween

It must be Halloween in Madison. Countless scores of retarded drunk kids running around in costumes, high-intensity floodlights erected on State Street, but amazingly enough not that cold. Good weather for those interested in the festivities.

Interesting anecdote: after a couple job search-related activities this afternoon, I took the bus in to campus to meet Jared for supper. Got off at Johnson & Mills and walked up to University. Coming up the street were a whole bunch of people on bikes filling every lane of University, and backing traffic up solid as far as I could see. It was crazy. Lots of yelling and angry horn-honking abounded, but the revelers continued unabated. I guess that’s Madison. I actually think, if you added a light to each bike, that that might be legal… Don’t bikes have the same rights as cars for use of the lanes?

My Halloween:

Pumpkin from Jeni 🙂

Cleaned the apartment. A lot. Plus pumpkin in context.

Now I’m either going to load DD-WRT on my new Buffalo WHR-G54S router or perhaps go to sleep. TBD.

One thought on “Must be Halloween

  1. Jon

    Assuming the bikes have lights after dark they are treated exactly like any other moving vehicle, unless Madison has some strange ordinances requiring the use of bike lanes.


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