Monthly Archives: December 2007

What's Wrong With This Picture?

Broken String Again.jpg

That’s right. One of the brand new strings I installed just last night is missing. It seems this guitar really doesn’t like the idea of tuning the G string up to an A. Bummer. Anyone have any advice on that?

Ski Trip!

Dave and I capitalized on the end of the classes coinciding with unexpected amounts of early-December snow this weekend by taking a day trip to Cascade Mountain for some skiing. We had a pretty awesome time; it was great to get to spend some time just having fun without projects, long-term assignments, or anything but a couple measly finals 😉 hanging over my head…

Cascade surprised me by how nice it was. I definitely did not expect to find that in southern Wisconsin, but I would definitely put it on par with Granite Peak in Wausau. Now, granted, it was a bit more expensive than places in northern WI and the UP that are significantly bigger, but I think that is probably due to its location: we met people from Illinois who could drive up for the day, but could probably not make it to the UP quite so accessibly 🙂

I don’t think I made it skiing at all last winter, so I was a little rusty, but it went pretty good for the most part. During the chairlift rides I was trying to find an example to teach Dave the meaning of yard sale, but wasn’t finding anything to my liking. So, I did what any responsible teacher would, and provided a live demonstration 🙂 I took a little jump near a chairlift post, and wound up with lots of cheering from the chair lift, and a perfect demo of the spirit of a yard sale, looking a little something like this:

Yard Sale
Photo from:, and does not actually contain me, because I was an idiot and forgot my cellphone in the morning… Sorry

A very good time, all in all, and they even had Starbucks in their lodge!

These Peppers Were Tasty


It seems it has been a while since I posted anything here… life is moving along. Quite busily, lately. A lot more work than I really want to be doing, but nearly over. A couple assignments and a research project to go before break. Not too much to report… Set up Vista Media Center finally, after several months without a HTPC. Learning some more guitar in between other work. Jared and I are making the rounds of the local fish frys to find the best. Oh, and these peppers sauteed plus brat meat plus penne plus sauce makes a very tasty recipe that my Seattle roommate Casey made up. A nice break from mac-and-cheese and chicken-plus-miscellaneous box dishes!