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Amusement: Reading the Fine Print

So I was browsing my spam folder this morning and came across a message with my full name in the subject line. Usually, this means there’s a chance the ad is legitimate- probably, from a company I’ve purchased from before.

In this case, though, it was an ad for some company that wants to submit my website to search engines for me. (Nevermind that I can do that for myself, for free…). They got my name by looking up the owner of (via a Whois service, such as this one).

So, not a company I know. BUT, this amazing offer to do a simple, free, job for a mere $75 caught my attention. I must know more! So, I read through the ad. Seemed quasi-legitimate, though useless, until I got to the fine print, and found this little gem:

By accepting this offer, you agree not to hold DLC liable for any part.

Now, I don’t know about you, but to me, that is hilarious!

And the even better news is, they have price breaks! You can get this fabulous deal for 10 years for only $295!

Unstated Assumptions

I typed “#define PI” into the search box today to grab a nice long definition of PI for my graphics code, and found something entirely unexpected. Something, in fact, that I guarantee I have never thought before in my life. A proof that Pi (the number) exists. I think perhaps only Jason can truly appreciate the need for such a proof, but I found it quite interesting, nonetheless.

Have you ever actually proved that Pi exists, that it is a unique real number between 3 and 4 that represents the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter, for all circles? Or did you just accept your teachers’ word?

Very interesting 🙂

Too Cold For USB

Negative temperatures outside my window are apparently not conducive to electrical continuity in the 30′ of USB extension cables I have jerry-rigged around my living room. Nate couldn’t get anything to print tonight, and after cycling the printer power and printer’s USB connection, I tried the next link in the chain, underneath the heater/AC unit with its vent to the bitter cold. Seemed to be firm when I unplugged it, but popping it back in magically started the printer again.

Coincidence? I fear not…


Dave and I pooled our USB extension cords this evening to wire my laser printer to the Myth box by the TV. The result? Approx 20′ of über-USB!

The picture below pretty much says it all. The Myth box is located left of the TV, and the printer is located at the right of the image, at the near end of the couch. The über-USB cable wraps all the way around the room behind the couch, under the window, and behind the TV, for approx 20 feet total. Awesome!

[Large linked file warning: 1.22MB]

From left to right across that picture, the green circles highlight:

  1. The end of one USB extension piece in the Myth box
  2. One of the connections between extension cables
  3. The other end of the über-USB cable in the printer

How nerdy are we?