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Hi my name is Tyson


Jeni adopted me on Monday. I like playing tug of war, cuddling with shoes, and puking on the bed. I’m working on that last one… Other than that I’m an aspiring good pet. Nice to meet you!

Spaghetti Squash

Spaghetti Squash.jpg

So usually I’m more of an anti-squash guy, but Jeni made this spaghetti squash tonight, and it’s actually pretty awesome. It tastes just like spaghetti, but a slight bit sweeter- we ate it with pasta sauce and also pesto. Good with both. Basic preparation steps: Buy squash for about a dollar. Microwave one minute. Bake in oven at maybe 400 degrees for maybe 15 minutes, cutting in half length-wise once soft enough. Scoop out pulp, discard. Fork out spaghetti, serve!

Green Bay Favorites

Red Owl Produce.jpg

I made a stop at Mason’s Red Owl today for some Friday perch. I love that stuff, and will definitely miss it when I move out this week. While there, Jared also showed me his newly reset produce section. Looks great, Jared!

Debugging IKEA

Debugging IKEA.jpg

So the rest of these screens all said “Scan item to check price.” I guess this one wants you to play a game of Spot-the-VB-Bug.