How To: Import DV Video on Windows 7 using Windows Live

If you (like me) have recently plugged a DV camera into Windows 7 for the first time, only to find that the “Import Video” wizard you’re used to from Windows Vista has vanished, fear not!

How to get the Import Video wizard back:

Rest easy; the wizard is not dead forever, but merely moved from inbox Windows to the Windows Live Essentials pack.  Here’s how to get it working just like it used to:

  1. Install the Windows Live Essentials pack.  In particular, you are going to need at least the Windows Live Photo Gallery, and probably the Windows Live Movie Maker if you want to then do something with your video.
  2. Plug in your camera.  Windows 7 should automatically install the necessary drivers.
  3. Launch Windows Live Photo Gallery (not Movie Maker).
  4. Click File -> Import From a Camera or Scanner.
  5. Select your device, then click Import.

You’ll now see the Import Video wizard you’re familiar with.  Voila!