Downside of Meebo

I forget that I have it logged in, and do inconsiderate things like: leave the room to eat supper, fall asleep on my couch, go to an hour and a half exam review, buy 7-up, etc.

Sorry to, well, pretty much all these people: (I didn’t mean to ignore you all)
[Intentionally saved with 10% JPEG compression quality to protect the innocent. Hm. Compression as obfuscation. Interesting concept…. basically I don’t have any image editors with a Blur effect installed on Vista yet.]

One thought on “Downside of Meebo

  1. Jonathon

    Hmm, a browser based IM! Is the interface any good? I need to find something as good as Adium but for my windows machine. Pidgin just doesn’t cut it.


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