Crash and Burn

Crash and Burn.jpg

Bike crash and landscaping burn, that is. Seems Jason just wasn’t satisfied with his nice newly patched tubes and realigned derailer. After so many crappy rides to work, a nice one for a change just wasn’t enough excitement. So… He crashed it. Don’t worry, he’s fine, just a little dirty. If you look closely here, you can see a leaf in his seat quick release, a very dirty and banged up pedal, and even a drooping chain that is pretty clearly not on a gear. Nice work, Jason!

btw, Did anybody get the movie reference? Please tell me I’m not the only nerd on this site…

[Edit 7/17/07 09:31a]: not new tires, but rather, newly patched tubes. (Insert internet tubes joke here: _________) [/Edit]

[Edit 7/17/07 8:11p]: My apologies to Jason… I did not mean to be mean; I think I was too excited over making up a movie reference to my limited repertoire to think about how that was probably not the most tactful way to title this entry & tone to write it in… Sorry! [/Edit]

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