Dinner and a Movie

So Jeremy said Bourne Ultimatum was “explosionary.” A good word. I should probably see the movie.

Fast forward through some planning

Jeremy’s friend heard a rumor that you could bring your own food into the AMC theater.

We called the theater while walking there to try and verify.
They said “We’ve never denied entry to anyone with food.”
We were still uncertain, because this seemed to good to be true.

We left 60 minutes before the show, for what turned out to be a 50-minute walk.

To fit supper in there, we stopped at the In-N-Out.
Jeremy waited for the orders while I bought tickets.

We walked into the theater bearing two fastfood bags and sodas.
Nobody blinked an eye.

I watched the movie while eating a hamburger.
I paid less for my entire meal than the guy next to me paid for his bag of popcorn.
Maybe that’s not a big deal to some of you reading this who grew up used to that, but for a Wisconsin boy, that’s “woah”.

Oh, and the movie? Bourne Ultimatum? Go watch it. End of story.
Wait, wait, wait. Actually, watch Bourne Supremacy first. Then go watch it. Today.

2 thoughts on “Dinner and a Movie

  1. kate

    true, bringing in your own food is frowned upon, but not technically forbidden. adam brought in an entire pizza to a movie once and the only consequence was that everyone seated around him was jealous. 🙂

  2. Jonathon

    Depends on the theaters but AMC seems to have a food is ok policy. I found this out earlier this summer at the one in Minnesota.


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