Not going anywhere for a while…


So last summer I got stranded in Auburn, WA after the Goo Dolls – Counting Crows concert and needed my roomate to come rescue me. I thought that was the longest it had ever taken me to get home from a concert. Until Rage Against the Machine at Alpine Valley, that is. We are now waiting in what can only be described as a mud pond. Picture about 40,000 people trying to move their cars out of a parking lot. Now replace the parking lot with a flooded field. And make all the people drunk. That’s about what we’re at… Oh, and the cars around us haven’t even moved in like 40 minutes. 🙂 See you in the morning?

5 thoughts on “Not going anywhere for a while…

  1. Craig

    Since we got there so late, we were right in the back. I could see the band somewhat, but I sure could hear them. We were able to get home in 30 minutes! 😛

  2. NCC

    I was stuck in the parking lot for over 3 hours, had one of the parking spots furthest from the road, so had to push forever to get out. While pushing fell at one point and got a peice of broken beer bottle stuck in me; wouldn’t be a big deal except completely covered in mud, just wiating for that to turn infected. Oh well, at least it’s a memory I won’t forget.

  3. Angela

    I am so insanely jealous that you were able to go to this concert. I love R.A.T.M. and of course, my boys, Q.O.T.S.A. Despite the parking dilemma, I hope you had an AWESOME time!

  4. Colin M Post author

    Oh man, Angela- it was sooo awesome! Yeah, I saw on your blog that you were going to Queens of the Stone Age in like October or something? That should be pretty sweet.

    I’ll bet Vegas was awesome, too though… I saw your pictures on Scott’s blog: it looked like a blast!

    And yeah: parking was mostly just a cool thing to talk/complain about, and did not detract from the overall experience 🙂


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