RIP Creative DDTS-100

Sad day. Electronics from freshman year of college have finally given up the ghost… the Creative DDTS-100 was a pretty awesome little device:

It was essentially a multiplexer / digital multichannel decoder for powered speakers, such as what you would buy for a PC. Think mini-receiver with no amplifiers.  Nate & I used it in the dorms extensively to drive my Klipsch ProMedia 5.1’s, but it seems in the 2 years of transportation and storage since, the forces that be took it out on my poor DDTS-100:

For the non-techies: Broken circuit boards are bad.  Quite bad.

For the techies: Apparently (based on the smell and general not-working-ness) this connected a couple hot traces to a ground plane, shorted the power circuits, and fried the heck out of a bunch of stuff :-/
Rest in peace.

3 thoughts on “RIP Creative DDTS-100

  1. Hero

    Hi Colin,

    I’m grieve for your lost.
    In the contrary, I’m a new owner of Creative DDTS-100 here.
    But I already got a problem, the power adapter blew up due to electrical brown out.
    And I’m wondering if you are willing to sell your DDTS-100 power adapter to me?
    Please contact me on my e-mail if you are interested.


  2. Hosé

    Hello Collin,

    I am looking for a remote and a switch box for a ddts-100, since a got a refurbished model without those.
    Are you selling these items? Please contact me.



  3. Boris

    Wow i found this site trying to find some info on how to repair my DDTS 100 thinking it had maybe a bad component or something but to my surprise after i took it apart the front circuit board was broken in the exact same way yours was. However to my luck the unit was still working but the volume control, speaker selection LED’s and volume level LED’s werent working everything else seem to be ok.

    So i took it apart and managed to get the board glued together and solder all the broken traces, which btw took a really big magnifying glass hahaha. Anyways i got mine working within 5 hours of starting and everything works fine.

    Makes me wonder why did it break the same way yours did, seems to be like a weak spot on those boards.


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