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From the "Would You Believe?" Dept.

I am trying (seriously, I am…) to get my possessions organized to take or ship out to Seattle for my first long-distance, long-term move, but I keep getting distracted by the things I am finding in my closets…

Here’s a couple things I took pictures of because I think they represent things I’ve done in my life that even some of my friends would probably not know about me. Help me waste a few more minutes of my last two packing days reliving a bit 🙂

Would You Believe: I was in Order of the Arrow in Boy Scouts?

Order of the Arrow Sash and Cub Scout Graduation Arrows

Yeah, not only did I actually go outside when I was in high school, but I defied the geek stereotype so far as to actually be recognized for it.  (Order of the Arrow is the “National Honor Society” of Boy Scouts)  Though in the interest of full disclosure, I did not pursue it further, and am only an Ordeal member. The other arrows here are one I received when I completed Cub Scouts, and one that I fletched myself for the Archery merit badge.

Would You Believe: I earned NRA Shotgun Sharpshooter and Rifle Marksman qaulifications?

NRA Proficiency Medals

Another throw back to the Scouting days, I spent a fair bit of my summer camp weeks at the gun range, earning the Shotgun Shooting and Rifle Shooting merit badges. In the process I earned my NRA Shotgun Sharpshooter (17 of 25 targets six times) qualification, and NRA Rifle Marksman (2 courses of 150/300 3-position light rifle) qualification.  Only had to go back once to the canteen to buy more shotgun shells 🙂

Would You Believe: I was an over-achiever in High School?

High School Awards Banner

Yeah, actually you probably would believe that :-/ But my mom made me this awesome banner my sophomore or junior year of high school, and it was a lot of fun filling it.  Most of the medals are from math competitions and Solo & Ensemble for band, to be honest, but there’s a fair bit of other things mixed in for one-off events and scholastic stuff.

Would You Believe: I was Senior Ball King?

Senior Ball Crown and SceptreSenior Ball BK Crown

True story.  Don’t really know how…  (My sash is in the above picture by the banner)

Hm, well, that was good for killing 20 minutes 🙂 I suppose I should go back to sorting out junk.