One for the ages

Jared and I played our greatest racquetball match in our 1.5-year history tonight. To give you the background, racquetball games are played to 15 points, with 2 of 3 games winning a match. In the past 1.5 years, I’ve won zero matches and about half a dozen games against Jared, which is dismal, given that we play weekly. (So I’ve won about 6 of around 150 games.) Not only that, but I have a tendancy to lose with less than 10 points… so most of the games aren’t really even close. I suppose it’s fair, since Jared outscores me on tests with about the same frequency that I beat him in racquetball. (Though usually he’s right behind me or tied if he doesn’t outscore me)

Tonight though, tonight was different. The first game I opened strong and beat the living crap out of Jared, 15-6. I’ve never beat him that resoundingly, ever. The streak continued in game 2, which could have clinched me my first match win ever, had I not screwed up around 8 points and ended up losing 12-15. Sad. The game though, was awesome. We fought nearly half an hour for that game, including one amazing volley that I swear must have lasted 5 minutes, including both of us completing off-the-back-wall saves. What a good time. Definitely the best I’ve ever played.

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