Well, I have made it to Madison for another school year.

At the moment, though, I don’t have internet access in my apartment. Supposedly the cable guy is coming to set us up tomorrow at 1pm, though Tim expects him to cancel. And so I find myself at ecb, in the Enlight office. (Which has fortunately been getting cooler while I sit here… it was extremely hot when I got here. Perhaps we should not have boxed a server up in a room with no circulation.)

Other interesting news:

  • There was a note under our mouse in the Enlight office: “Building Security Discrepancy” from 5-12-06 at 3:55 am. Explanation: “Door keybox unlocked”

    Hm… somebody in Enlight made an oops.

  • Due to the destruction of University Square:

    My nearest Wells Fargo ATM has been removed. Now there aren’t any on the UW campus 🙁

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