And I already lost it.

A lot has happened since the 15th of August, a mere week and two days ago.

In brief:

  • I completed my internship at Microsoft. Everything seems to have wrapped up fairly well, though Paul says that one of the bugs I worked on (for three weeks) may actually have been in vain. I sincerely hope that is not the case. Please don’t tell me if it is, Paul, or Allen.
  • I shipped all my stuff home to Green Bay, via Fedex this time, to attempt to avoid previous misfortunes
  • I moved home, only arriving some 2 hours late courtesy of a minor fuel leak in the left wing of the MD-80 plane we were flying from Seattle to Chicago.
  • I helped my parents set up a “home office”, which basically means combine the following items into one of the new rooms in our basement:
    • My desk
    • My old stereo
    • My old server computer
    • My sister’s 15″ LCD monitor
    • My networking cables
    • My 8-port switch
    • My second-best spare keyboard & mouse (well, best until my new wireless set gets here on Friday)
    • My spare USB cable

    It turned out pretty nice:

  • I went down to Madison to visit Jeni & Dave and drop off a vanload of stuff for my apartment.
  • I lost the key to said apartment, within 30 minutes of getting it from Dave, and before even setting foot in the new place.
  • I received the first 6 boxes of stuff from Seattle, in relatively good shape, though I have yet to open my computer box up and assess any damage.
  • I joined MySpace… On the upshot it only took 5 visits to the same page before “Sorry! An unexpected error has occurred” stopped blocking me from confirming my registration, and only 10 clicks on the link to add Jeni as a friend before it actually sent the request.
  • I submitted my request for a replacement battery in Apple’s battery recall. I should get my new battery in 4 to 6 weeks. What happens if it blows up between now and then??

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